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The club operates as a non-profit organisation aiming simply to acquire sufficient income to cover our costs with a small surplus to enable us to improve the facilities provided to players and coaches.

The column to the right explains the various components that make up the cost of registration.

Stadium admittance
Amount: $3 per player & spectator, from the Winter 2018 season - under 12 spectators are free (paid at the stadium).

Note: A single payment of $3 covers all games for a day. Get your hand stamped before leaving the first stadium and this will entitle you to free entry at any stadium that day.

The Player Registration fee is a once only season payment made at time of registration which includes the following items.

Amount (paid at time of registration):

Under 10's to Under 18's

  • $100 for first player
  • $90 for second player and $ 80 for third player

    • U8's
      To encourage our younger players to try basketball
      U8 players are waived registration fees

      Under 23's

      • Under 23 have reduced regristration fees of $50 as no trophies or training facilities are provided.
        • Registration fees used to pay for...

          • Team registration with the MEBA
          • Hiring of training venue
          • Trophies
          • Presentation nights
          • Miscellaneous expenses such as website fees, training

            • basketballs, coaches equipment and polos and subsidised

              Uniform lease
              Amount: $30 per season (paid at time of registration).

              This money is put aside to enable the club to replace uniform as they wear out.

              Team Sheet Fee
              Amount: $90 per season (paid at time of registration).
              If permanently playing in a second team $90 per team applies.

              This money is passed on to team managers and is used to pay for the team fees each week and covers the cost of the court and referees. Some teams ask for $5 each week, the total cost is the same.