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Presentation Day

At the conclusion of each season the club holds a presentation day.

This is usually held the day after the grand finals. It starts mid/late afternoon and is followed by a pizzas provided by the club.

Coaches introduce their teams, commenting on the season just completed, and present the awards.

We recognize basketball as being a team sport and as such every player (aside from Under 23s) is awarded a trophy or medalion at the conclusion of the season.


There are three special trophies awarded for each team.

The 'MVP' is awarded to the player deemed by the coach to be the most valuable. On court performance, dedication to training and respect for his/her team mates are all taken into account when choosing a player.

The 'Team Player' trophy is awarded to the player who the coach believes has provided the most assistance to his/her team mates, often sacrificing their natural game for the betterment of the team.

The 'Coaches Award' is an encouragement award and is often awarded to a player the coach believes has made significant progress over the season or has overcome considerable difficulties.

It should be stated these awards are not 'first, second & third' type awards - they are individual awards, just like batting and bowling awards are in cricket.

All other players are awarded a 'Participation' Medal which recognizes their hard work and contribution to the success of the team.