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Wildcat Award

In addition to the team awards the club has a perpetual trophy, the 'Wildcats Award', which is awarded annually to someone who has made an outstanding contribution towards the club.

The contribution could be by the way of on court performance, assistance to younger members of the club, leadership or dedication.

The award is not restricted to players and could be made to a coach or parent.

Seasonly Awards
Summer 1990/91 Andrew Kaali-Nagy
Summer 1991/92 Jimmy Marcou
Winter 1992 Brett Stretton
Winter 1993 Anthony Szabo
Summer 1993/94 David Alexander
Summer 1994/95 David Mason
Winter 1995 Simon Baxter
Summer 1995/96 Tim Cole
Winter 1996 Adam Brett
Summer 1996/97 Brett Miller
Winter 1997 Adam Booth
Summer 1997/98 Matthew Spencer
Winter 1998 Stuart Booth
Summer 1998/99 Nicholas Walker
Winter 1999 Adam Brett
Summer 1999/2000 Andrew Booth
Winter 2000 Clinton Raine
Summer 2000/01 Carly Booth
Winter 2001 Daniel Wolf-Clark

Award Winners

Annual Awards
2001/02 Matthew Spencer
2002/03 Luke Simpson
2003/04 Kris White
2004/05 Matthew Joyce
2005/06 Joshua Wilson
2006/07 Dimitri Ross
2007/08 Matthew Joyce
2008/09 Stephanie Joyce
2009/10 Craig Lidgerwood
2010/11 Dajin Jeong
2011/12 Rex Barton-Smith
2012/13 Martin Coffey
2013/14 Karen Halford
2014/15 Craig and Jacinta King
2015/16 Brittany Halford